A fundraiser platform for Ethereum tokens

With Coral, you can safely sell tokens to anyone in the world, without writing a single line of code.

We know how frustrating the experience of participating in a token sale can be: non-compliant wallets, low transaction visibility, and confusing procedures.

We engineered Coral to let you publicly sell your tokens in a safe and easy fashion, assisting both in the pre-sale and sale processes.


Allow anyone in the world to participate. Leverage blockchain technology for a frictionless, global sale.


Designed and built with the highest security standards used in OpenZeppelin.


Seamlessly accept ETH, BTC or other major blockchain assets, sent from any type of wallet.

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  • Accept other coins
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  • Accept any other wallet

Sale process

Coral offers the general public a simple interface to buy your tokens using a pre-registered address.

Coral’s token sale supports a wide range of crowdsale implementations, including per-user investment caps, vestings, discounts, and dynamic pricing.

Registration process

Use Coral to have your sale participants register before the token sale, to help you comply with legal KYC/AML requirements.

All data requested from the participants is entirely customizable, and can range from basic personal information to scans of legal documents.

Pre-sale process

Tokens are usually offered privately before the public sale begins.

Use Coral to allow early participants to purchase tokens before opening the sale to the general public.

Funds are locked in a smart contract and automatically sent to the token sale smart contract before the opening date.

Built-in security

Designed and built with the highest security standards by Zeppelin Solutions, creator and main sponsor of OpenZeppelin.

Coral is currently rolling out with a selected batch of organizations

Apply to use Coral for your token sale.